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History and Mandate

lAY was established fifteen years ago with the support of the Ministry of Community and Social Services. It was recognized that many professionals, parents, and ordinary people do not have research based knowledge regarding violent behaviour in youth.

Many people have opinions as to why some children become antisocial and violent and how society should deal with them.
It was recognized that many professionals, parents,and ordinary people have limited knowledge of current developments in research related to antisocial and violent behaviour in youth. Besides making research information available to parents, public, and policy makers, it is also important to ensure that professionals are aware of recent developments in the field.

Although most professionals try to keep up with the recent developments, it is not easy. Research related to antisocial behaviour is published in over 70 journals, this makes it especially difficult for front line staff, who do not have easy access to
journals nor the time needed to select the most pertinent ones.
In addition, the articles are often written in technical language and filled with intricate statistics making it difficult to get a clear picture of the research findings.

Front line staff are key to the success of any treatment as they are responsible for implementing the treatment through face to face contact. If research is to have any impact on reducing violence in society, it has to be made available in an easy to comprehend manner to policy makers, the public, parents, and professionals. It is for this reason that IAY was established.

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Dr Jalal Shamsie

Dr. Jalal Shamsie, Director and Founder
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Dr. Jalal Shamsie is the Director and the Founder of the Institute for the study of Antisocial behaviour in Youth (IAY).  The Institute was started in 1987 with the support of the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services.  He is also the editor of Youth Update, a newsletter which he started in 1983 with a grant from the Laidlow Foundation.  The above developments came about because of Dr. Shamsie's concern that antisocial and violent youth often do not receive the help and treatment which research has proven to be effective.  Dr. Shamsie felt that many professionals working with antisocial youth do not have easy access to research, which is often published in a variety of journals in highly technical language.  The Institute is committed to providing research based information to professionals in the field.

Dr. Shamsie is a child and adolescent psychiatrist and has worked with children and adolescents with behaviour problems for the past 38 years.  He has written 6 books and over 25 articles in professional journals.  He has also been a consultant to training schools for boys and girls.  In 1963, he opened the first adolescent unit in Canada devoted to the treatment of antisocial youth.

Dr. Shamsie is a professor of psychiatry at the University of Toronto.  He is a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and a fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists of U.K.

Joanne Lawrence

Joanne Lawrence,
Associate Director/Edito
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Joanne Lawrence is the Associate Director/Editor for the Institute. Joanne has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from York University and is currently involved in a Postgraduate program focusing on the area of Psychosocial Rehabilitation. Joanne provides various services for the Institute including:

  •      writing and editing abstracts for Youth Update
  •      design and layout of newsletters, flyers, and brochures
  •      coordinating courses offered by the institute
  •      reviewing and updating library of videos
  •      updating website and responding to e-mail
  •      responding to requests for information and publications
Carole Hood

Carole Hood ,
Research Fellow

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Dr. Carole Hood, M.Div., M.Ed., Ph.D.
is a Research Fellow with the Institute for the Study of Antisocial Behaviour in Youth and is available to consult with, or address, groups of interested professionals or government representatives. Her main focus is the problems of vulnerable children and adolescents which culminate in antisocial behaviour.

Dr. Hood holds a B.A. (Honours Psychology) from Concordia University, a Dip.Ed. from McGill, an M.Div. from the University of Toronto, an M.Ed. from Brock University and a Ph.D. from the University of Toronto.

She has conducted an extensive review of the multiple overlapping influences which coalesce to produce aggression and violence, and has delineated early biopsychosocial predictors of aggression. In addition, she has isolated the variables which operate as risk and protective factors and summarized successful intervention and prevention strategies. Her consultation work--which centers mainly on identification, intervention and prevention--is based on sound and up-to-date research aimed at reducing violence in our society. Dr. Hood can be contacted through the Institute.

The Institute for the study of Antisocial behaviour in Youth (IAY) is located at the Clarke Institute siteof the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

For further information, please contact:

Institute for the study of Antisocial behaviour in Youth (lAY)
Syl Apps Youth Centre
475 Iroquois Shore Road
Oakville, ON L6H 1M3
Tel.: (905) 844-4110 ext 2202;
Fax: (905) 844-2996

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