Antisocial and Violent Youth DO NOT CHOOSE to be Bad

Written for mental health professionals, this pamphlet challenges the popular belief that violent youth could be like other youngsters if they wanted to and tried hard enough. The biological and social factors which lead to recognizing the need of these youth and providing them with services to help them is stressed.

Are You Worried about Your Child's Misbehaviour?

Prepared by the IAY and published by the Ontario Medical Association, this pamphlet provides step by step guidelines for concerned parents. Information includes: why some children misbehave; steps for preventing the development of unacceptable behaviour; when not to worry; when parents should worry; what parents can do to deal with problem behaviours; when parents should seek help from outside; and where parents can turn for assistance. Due to international demand, this pamphlet is available in several languages (including English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Inuktituk, Serbian, and Croatian)

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